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About Us

As wine enthusiasts, we are passionate about wines and put continuous effort in pursuing advance knowledge in wine.  Wine Peers Club offers the opportunity to meet new friends who share a similar passion for wine to enlighten our experience as well as widen our network of friendships through this Club.

Our Mission

Wine Peers aims to offer informed recommendation on your wine selection, enable our fans to obtain wine knowledge through interactive workshops and social events, as well as to familiar with basic wine information & jargons, while developing their individual sense and preference on wine.

What we do?

  1. Wine Peers offers recommendation on your wine selection dependent on your preference and special occasions, such as anniversary and corporate dinner.
  2. We provide basic wine appreciation workshops, including wine, whisky and sparkling for wine lovers who want to be true wine appreciators.
  3. We design and arrange wine tasting events or private dinner for private or corporate organization.
  4. We assist on customizing your travel plan according to your specific needs, such as how to plan your wine tour to famous wine regions.